The comparison between IC card and magnetic card:

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effie 2017/09/30

The shape of IC card is similar to magnetic card,the difference between them is the data storage media. The magnetic card stores information by changing the magnetic field of the magnetic stripe on the card, and the IC card stores data information by the embedded card in the electrically erasable programmable read-only memory integrated circuit chip (EEPROM). Therefore, compared with the magnetic card, IC card has the following advantages:
① storage capacity. Magnetic card storage capacity of about 200 digital characters; IC card storage capacity is up to different models, from hundreds of characters to millions .
② good security and confidentiality. IC card information can not be freely read, modify, erase without a password.
③ IC card has data processing capabilities. In the data exchange with the card reader, the data can be encrypted, decrypted to ensure accurate and reliable exchange of data,while magnetic card can not do this.
④ IC card has a long service life. It’s more secure and the price is higher than the magnetic card.

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