The Future Automated Services in Walmart Stores

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Nancy   March 30, 2018

At recent, Walmart is applying for a patent technology that allows drones find products and delivery them to check station in store. While, there is no details about these drones how to help clients find a product. It will be achieved by using RFID technology or some other kinds of technologies that based on location mark.

According to patent filing abstracts, Walmart is able to come up with the patent of RFID wearable devices that would track clients throughout their in-store journey “to determine information about tasks being performed by the wearers of the wearable devices”. The patent of smart shopping cart shows that Walmart how to add technology to improve existing investment like cart. It can help clients by transmitting total value collected during their shopping processes.

According to a new iVend report that inquires clients in whole world, when asked about the most interesting technology in the future, digital shopping carts with automated payment function is 39.2%, interactive fitting room is 24.9%, augmented and virtual reality is 19.7%, in-store robot is 15.6%.

Some patents show that the number of Walmart stores and automated services will be increasing. Such as automated vehicle content identification system and the way and system of product automated identification. It seems that Walmart more and more hopes orders picked, packed and ferried to clients’ doors with as little human involvement as possible, which could boost both fulfillment speed and accuracy.

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