The Increasing Smart Label Industry

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Nancy   March 28, 2018

As compared to traditional barcode data, smart label is a kind of identification slip, it offers a more advanced technology with real-time tracking and reprogramming. The common developments of global smart label are RFID label and EAS label. These smart labels are made of plastic, paper, or fabrics. It can be use as printed label, electronic label or basic chip label. It helps remove error and increase efficiency from a certain distance coupled with high tolerance ability. In the next years, it’s predicted that global smart label industry will have a notable growth, because there are increasing penetration of smart label in products and asset tracking application.

At recent, the main factor of increasing global smart label market is the the increasing demand on reliable anti-thief devices. The other main factor is the increase of smart label products in industry integration and technology expansion, adding to its usage in a variety of applications such as retail, healthcare, manufacturing and logistics. Besides, rapid urbanization and increasing disposable income of the buyers in developing regions, are also boosting growth of the market for global smart labels.

It’s expected to drive demand for smart labels all over the world in the next years, with increasing security concerns related to anti-theft devices. At the same time, the main restraint for the increasing global smart label industry is the lack of constant standards and mechanical susceptibility.

The main participators in this study on the global smart labels industry market including CCL Industries Inc., Avery Dennison Corporation, SMARTRAC N.V. and so on.

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