The Licence Plates Are Equipped with RFID Tags for the Philippines

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Nancy   2018/03/01

Land Transportation Office (LTO) of Philippine Ministry of Transport delivers TönnjesE.A.S.T. German company to product first batch 3.25 million licence plates. All the cars will be equipped with high security RFID tags of UcodeDNA. The UcodeDNA windscreen tags will be installed on 775 thousand cars and 1.7 million motorcycles will be equipped with IDeSTIX tags. This means cars can be identified when they pass through the RFID reader in moving traffic.

The Philippines has added to the list of country relying on German professional knowalege. TönnjesE.A.S.T is leading the global advance electric car identification solution supplier. Its encoded and personalised IDeSTIX windowscan headlamp tag has be successful in South American, Asian and African countries like Kenya and Peru.

IDeSTIX headlamp tag is the latest product in the company. It likes windowscan tag. It is equipped with integrate UcodeDNA RFID chip that made by NXP. It also has optical features and encrypted identification number to prevent forgery. The licence plates of motorcycle and car are equipped with QR codes to offer a way to be verified by any smart phone. Dietmar Mönning, the company’s Managing Director, said that user can check the authenticity of licence plates in any time by these measures.

This project will be operated with Trojan Computer Forms in Manila. Mönning notes: “in the negotiation stage, we can identify our technology that can be used to the toll system in the Philippines in the future”. They also discuss the plan that installing fixed RFID reader on the traffic hubs. It enable cars can be identified in the moving traffic, prevnet dangerous and manage and control traffic.

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