The New Skills of Amazon’s Alexa will Improve Network Security

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Nancy   March 08, 2018

Nowadays, more and more people use smart speakers to play music, shop online and check the weather forecast via network. People more and more focus on smart home. However, McAfee, IT security company hopes user who use Alexa, the Internet of Things (IoT) device smart assistant of Amazon can manage the network security in their houses.

A report of eMarketer in May shows that the usage number of American home smart speaker increases about 129% from 2016 to 2017. According to the report of IDC analyst company in December, the devices that coupled with other network are predicted to produce 6.2 billion worldwide IoT payment. These devices include automated light devices, smart devices and other systems like device focused on clients.

However, we have to pay attention to  IoT security. In term of the report of cybercrime, they protect that internet crime rate will increase further because hackers use IoT devices that are not protected properly. These devices offer new easy way to steal private information or gain valuable network or data, although these devices are not particularly valuable.

Alexa provides the voice-enabled assistance, products of Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple to users, first launched in 2014. Announced Monday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which runs through March 1, McAfee’s Secure Home Platform “skill” (a skill in an Amazon app) for Alexa is now available for device makers that want to incorporate voice-enabled controls into their gateways, routers, and other networking devices. These functions that help clients improve the security of their private information will be launched in U.S., other markets will follow in the future.

McAfee says: “new Alexa technology is enable users require amazon speaker check the network state and online devices, execute network security scanning, prevent or remove devices, and control the internet access for their children’s devices.”


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