The NFC Security Test Researched by China Has Become an International Standard

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Nancy   2018/01/18

On the 16th, according to the WAPI Industry Alliance, NEAU-TEST has been officially released by the lead member of the Alliance and has become the Standardization of international standard of the International Organization or International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO / IEC) independent research and development of key core technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT) once again toward the world.

This international standard is a test standard for Near Field Communication Security (NEAU) technology, which regulates compliance testing methods of the NEAU protocol and provides test fixtures, test rules, test cases, test procedures, expected test results, etc. to ensure to establish a secure connection between NFC devices. It can prevent devices from being attacked by eavesdropping at near-air interfaces, device forgery, and data tampering.

In the early phase, the development of NFC was limited due to frequent security problems such as fake NFC devices, unauthorized use of user privacy data, eavesdropping or tampering of communication data. The emergence of NEAU series of technologies to ensure the communications security of NFC common air interface to effectively solve the above problems.

It is knwon that WAPI Industry Alliance was established in 2006, its purpose includes the integration and coordination of industrial and social resources to enhance alliance members in the field of wireless LAN related research, development, manufacturing, service levels. As of June 2017, WAPI Industry Alliance members have grown to 93 members, including the three major telecom operators and main enterprises in the field of ICT.

At present, the WAPI Industry Alliance has organized members to innovate and form an international standard system for the field of IoT security, including 2 international standards of TRAIS system in RFID field and 3 international standards of NEAU system in NFC field. “These five international standards are the important achievements of our country in systematically contributing key basic safety common technologies in the field of global IoT. And it marks the formation of an international standard group of IoT security technologies independently developed in China.” Said Lulu Zhang, Secretary-General of WAPI Industry Alliance.

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