UBT Develops RFID Ticketing Solution for Washington Transit

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Joom   2017/11/10

UBT, a provider of IT solutions for the bus industry, has launched an RFID ticketing solution on an over-the-top double deck bus in DC Trails, Washington. Every year, millions of passengers take these buses to explore Washington’s attractions.
Liliana Torres, vice president of DC Trails, said in a prepared statement: “The solution provides great ticket management, driving route data and analysis, fraud prevention, access control and seamless integration, which is also part of our business evolution Necessary. Technological optimization is of paramount importance to the passenger experience improvement and operational improvement in the tourism industry. ”

Chris Liang, Marketing Manager at UBT, said: “Each visitor gets an RFID wristband while getting in the car and can also download a dedicated application on the bus where he can view the pick-up point and estimated arrival time. The application also features an interactive e-tour guide. ”
UBT has also developed a new website, ticketing platform and customized backend system.

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