The site uses RFID technology to realize intelligent management

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The position management system of RFID technology has the functions of automatic entry of visitor information, ID card anti-counterfeiting, intelligent management of visiting information, real-time confirmation of visiting process, etc. It can also set up the visitor database, establish the visitor’s Black-and-white list, count the number of visits and other functions, and improve the efficiency of visitor management. At the same time, the use of advanced Internet technology, can be used for indoor and outdoor positioning tracking, regional control and other supervision of visitors and improve the management level.

In the site, by laying the corresponding reader and locator in the area, using the position of the reader or the locator to determine the location of the identification card, to achieve the positioning of personnel monitoring, positioning accuracy of up to 2 meters. At the same time, the use of vehicle guidance system, access control management system, can realize a variety of intelligent management and monitoring, so as to achieve a comprehensive intelligent management personnel.

Regional control: For specific security, secret or other important areas, through the authorized configuration of designated personnel to achieve intelligent identification and control. Site personnel can only enter the area of access, visitors can only enter the area of appointment visits, and people entering restricted areas can also be alerted in real time.

Alarm system: For illegally entered personnel, such as visitors through unauthorized access, the system can be identified and alarm. In addition, it can also be based on the actual situation of flexible set up a variety of alarms, such as Access timeout alarm.

Track playback: the system can query and replay the historical track of the site personnel, historical data report, etc. The digital map is used to animate the history of the designated person in a certain period of time, and other specific information can be shown in a graph.

Real-time statistics: the system supports real-time statistics of the number of employees’ daily attendance, number of visitors, number of people being interviewed, number of people staying in the area, etc. by regional or architectural methods.

Video linkage: Video linkage function through the base station and video monitoring equipment binding, when the alarm, the system will promptly call the video surveillance equipment to see the event place, record the alarm location of the video information.

The advantages of RFID, such as fast scan, small volume, repeatable use, penetration and barrier-free reading, large data memory capacity, strong anti-pollution ability and durability enable it to develop and popularize rapidly. Smart sites have been widely used in recent years. The combination of IoT technology and RFID will certainly accelerate the development of smart sites and promote the progress of IoT technology itself.

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