The Steamship Authority Offers Discount RFID Tickets for Clients

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Nancy   March 26, 2018

The regular monthly meeting held by Steamship Authority board of governors was end in the Falmouth Art Center, last Tuesday. Starting in March, the meeting will take place in a capacious meeting room at the boat line’s new administration building at 228 Palmer Avenue.

The ferry is planned to resume the Vineyard route on March 3. And there is a new pilot house with a totally renovated interior, including in-cabin stair towers and a center-cabin concessions area beside aisles on either side.

The Steamship Authority is redesigning its RFID commuter cards, at the same time, it launches a 2007 policy that allowed multiple people to travel together at a discount by using one multi-ride RFID commuter card or ticket book.

All the governors voted to adopt “one book, one passenger” policy that had been in worked in 2007. The only difference is that they will launch a new version early this spring to replace a plastic RFID ticket of 2007.

Mr. Walker said: “The project could make them five rides instead of ten, so couples would buy five trips each by paying same money.”

Another 20 percent of card users on each route are traveling two at a time with a single pass. Mr. Davis said: “The rest are stacking from three to dozens of people on the same boat at the commuter rate, providing as examples one group of 30 and another of 47 who traveled together at the discount rate by purchasing RFID tickets.”

There are rechargeable electronic RFID cards on the table at the meeting, which has allowed the boat line to monitor and track how the commuter discount is being used.

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