The success of AGV based on RFID technology

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AGV is a kind of automatic navigation mobile device, which is often seen in automated warehousing system or various automated production environments. Quickly and accurately determine the location of the goods, so that AGV can respond quickly, efficient action.

AGV can be divided into electromagnetic guidance, laser guidance and visual guidance and other methods. The practical application shows that the electromagnetic guidance has the advantages of high cost performance, ground leveling and so on. The RFID tag is installed on the path of the AGV car. RFID read and write device installed in the AGV car, and provide a suitable horizontal reading range. RFID tags need to be replaced, the replacement of the RFID tags in the contents of the data must be consistent with the original label data content. Because AGV car often uses non-contact inductance circuit power supply, so select the corresponding RFID system must have higher EMC characteristics.

Muskoka Cabinets has developed automatic steering vehicles (AGVs) specifically tailored to their factory needs. Elias, the company’s CEO, said he was amazed at the amount of savings to be had by automating material handling like this, including, “reducing the time spent loading, unloading and remaking parts that were damaged as they were pushed around the factory floor.” In addition to the AGV car in the company’s application, RFID tags in his company’s various procedures are also widely used.

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