The Trump Administration has caused the tragedy of “Family Separation”? Reunite the family by RFID technology

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Media around the world have slammed the Trump Administration, they has been separating parents and children who have illegally crossed into the United States, who are being held in prison for a “zero tolerance policy”. Thousands of children are being held in temporary shelters, which is not an easy task for managers. Children don’t speak English and may not have any travel documents or identification. If the shelter is overcrowded, they are sometimes transferred to different places. This brings difficulties to the recognition of parents and their children.

If you use a system, using a wristband with a high-frequency (HF) or ultra high-frequency (UHF) RFID transponder will make the job much easier. Staff can place an RFID bracelet on the child and read the serial number in their transponder. This number can be recorded in a database and associated with the child’s name, his or her parent’s name, and the child’s facility. Once the child leaves the facility. The transponder will be read. When he or she arrives at a new facility, the transponder will be asked again and the database will be updated based on the child’s new location.

Texas has established such a system, as early as 2008, the state Governor’s Emergency Management Department (GDEM) introduced a Texas Special Needs Evacuation Tracking System (SNETS), which was created by many illegal immigrants. Use the RFID bracelet to identify the evacuated person. The RFID reader portal is established at the receiving center. When the evacuated personnel enter the shelter, they read each person’s wristband through the RFID portal and record his or her safe arrival. The state database is again implemented again over the wireless network.

It makes the job of the manager easier, and probably calms down some angry voice.

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