The value of RFID

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Emma 2017/10/17

Radio frequency identification technology known as RFID can identify,count and track goods, All you need to do is shake the reader around or put the items around the antenna,which is so much cool. While to some merchants and journalists,it is a general utility. I wonder why is that? There is one conclusion in my opinion: They treat RFID simply as a cost-cutting tool.

Of course, bosses prefer low cost,while it is not what they want in their deep heart.The retailers for instance focus their energy on selling things, not lower down the cost.If you regard RFID as a common tool,the potential hardly can be found.

On the other hand,the internet of things is more promising.Why? Because if you connect your coffee machine to the internet and let people schedule when it starts brewing, that’s cool, and it could sell more coffee machine. Or it could lead to higher profits.

What I am saying is that RFID can not only cut down the cost ,but also inprove sales. Apparel retailers installing the passive UHF RFID in their items would notice the sales would rise by 5 to 15 percent. That’s because they’re capable of ensuring they have the specific product in the right place when a customer wants to buy it. In the future, customer-facing applications in stores will more popular, which would attract more customers.

Manufacturers profit when retailers sell more. But manufacturers also benefit from using RFID. The point is that RFID is not just about cost-cutting—it can help increase sales as well. And if it can be applied to business, that’s sexy.


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