They implanted the NFC chip into the body, just to attend a conference

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Emma   2017/11/3

Are you willing to implant an NFC chip in your body for an event? If yes, that will be what activities, idol’s concert, Apple’s launch, Google’s party etc.

Compared to the 2D code and password verification, NFC brings a sense of feeling more technology, from the unmanned supermarket to the subway tickets, people are getting closer to the NFC chip, how close? It may be implanted in the human body in the future, be your “bloodline”.

Pause Fest is Australia’s most influential science and Culture festival, held annually in Melbourne, and there is a special link in next year’s event: 10 volunteers will be implanted with NFC chips, to act as a special VIP ticket.

The 10 avid fans will be implanted a grain size of the NFC chip between the index finger and thumb, the process will be a certain pain, similar to needle ligation.

There are 4 months left from now to next February Pause Fest Science and Technology Festival, this time 10 volunteers will be implanted with the NFC chip into and out of the home, companies, gyms and other places, of course, can also be used as a bus card. During the February event, volunteers were involved in the technical team to discuss the future viability of NFC chips.

Micro-chip enthusiasts may be more interested in NFC’s future scenarios. Imagine that the future in and out of the home, companies and other places only need a chip on the deal, the fundamental feeling of the process of unlocking, is tantamount to liberating the key. Payment is a more perfect scenario, and now there are mobile phones with NFC chips that can be “paid no more”, and more people will accept it in the future, and wallets can be liberated.

NFC chips have proven commercially viable and harmless, and using it to replace keys and wallets can be convenient for our lives, and the high cost of using it is the main reason for NFC’s lack of popularity.

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