Threadrobe Company launches RFID based smart wardrobe

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The start-up company Threadrobe plans to automate the way people store and manage clothes. The company recently released a wardrobe that works with RFID, which automatically determines where each piece of clothing is located in the wardrobe and automatically hangs the steam ironing to the customer.

This automated wardrobe utilizes passive UHF RFID technology and a APP. With this RFID wardrobe, the user can store clean clothes in a box, and then through RFID to identify each piece of clothing, the wardrobe will automatically suspend it. When the customer needs to take it out, the RFID wardrobe will be automatically steam ironing and provide to the user. At the same time, the RFID wardrobe matching APP, allows customers to view the clothes hanging in the wardrobe, and put forward the corresponding instructions.

Threadrobe Marketing vice President Kristy Schultz said: “We spent a year to communicate with consumers to determine what is the most important to consumers.” She said they found in the survey that the user’s “greatest pain is folding and putting down clothes”. So the system designed by Threadrobe is to solve this problem. Just put the clean clothes in the box, the robot in the closet will pick up and hang each item, and then automatically provide the clothes to the user when needed.

Users can also use the RFID wardrobe APP to choose their own or their children’s clothing for a week, or to pack and travel without being at home. They can choose clothing from the RFID wardrobe app and go with it. In addition, the RFID Wardrobe APP can be used when you are shopping. It’s convenient for customers to make sure which items in the wardrobe may match the clothes he or she plans to buy.

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