TimberWest Uses RFID Technology to Protect the Security of Human and Manchines

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Nancy   2018/01/24

TimberWest owns many large-scale mobile machines to execute many tasks in its and logistics facilities. For example, unloding trucks, transporting wood in facilities and moving wood into boat.

When TimberWest learned the new sensor technology that manufactured by ScanLink and distributed by Finning, their goal is to advoid the interactions between people and manchines out of the plans. New technology offers second precautionary measure for already standardlized back-up alertors in each industrial manchine from mail transport trucks to wheel loarder.

RFID chip stickers can be installed on mobile devices like hard hat of the ground crew. RFID technology is similar to the technology allows you to pay by tapping credit card, but its working distence is further.

The proximity sensor includes software that permits the user to adjust the range on the sensors magnetic field generator (MFG) which will only trigger when an individual is in the designated proximity range. When the sensor is triggered by RFID, a unique alert will sound both inside and outside of the operator’s cab. This unique alert has the intended effect of warning both the machine operators and the workers on the ground to run away immediately from the area and move to safe place.

Doug Scott, the operator of Spuzzum Contracting, said: “In fact, when I sit in a cab which far away from earth about 8 foot, I can’t know the overall situation on the earth from rear window. Although, we have a clear rule that forbids workers on the earth being close to the manchines, using sensor is safer.”

“RFID stickers are great, we hope RFID stickers can be applied to wider range on site. Like what shipman advised, these stickers can be added to the objects out of the sights of operators. More tools in our belts, the better off we are at the end of the day. RFID stickers help we protect our workers, as well as help protect the objects and devices in the facilites,” said, Stromquist, the head of Spuzzum Contracting.

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