TMRW Hotels App can Manege Facilities in Hotel Room

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“Paperless” KViHotel, with 40-room in Budapest, Hungary, is using TMRW Hotels app to allow guests manage most of functions by their smart phones such as Apple and Samsung. CsabaKató, the founder of TMRW, said that the app can be used for booking, checking in and out. With the app, smart phone also can be used as hotel key card. Smart phone is a hotel key card by connecting Bluetooth. Guests can open the hotel room by their smart phones.

Guests can control the cooling/heating and adjust the temperture in the rooms according to the time they arrive. The extra clean can be required via TMRW Hotels app, even the “Please don’t disturb” signs can be put out virtually. Guests can make payment order taxi and monitor payment process via the app. It’s secure to pay through credit card, then the bill is sent online to the email address provided.

Guests can connect free Wi-Fi in any place of the hotel and gain the the texts and vedio about how to use the app. TMRW online customer service will be offerd 24 hours. The hotel’s dispatcher service is available on any platform (Facebook, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc.) but guests can ask for guidance or advice even over the phone.

Although, smart phone can be as hotel key card and has many convenient functions, most of hotels still adopt RFID hotel key card. Due to the low price and simlpe management, RFID technology still is a leader in access control.

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