Traditional seals can also use RFID technology to anti-counterfeiting?

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RFID is a non-contact-sensing cryptographic automatic identification technology. It automatically recognizes the target object and acquires relevant data through radio frequency signals. The identification work requires no human intervention. The electronic tag has no power supply and battery, and can work in various harsh environments. The operation is quick and convenient.

After selecting the chip standard, in a closed system, each tag has a globally unique chip number UID, and there are also a plurality of data areas that can be independently read and written repeatedly, and each data area can also be authorized. To make complex encryption settings at all levels, the key can be associated with the unique UID number of each tag, so that the security level reaches a very high level. The function and principle applied to the seal is like issuing an electronic to each resident. Like the ID card, a one-time embedded electronic ID card that cannot be transferred again is embedded in the body of the seal.

What functions can the RFID electronic label seal anti-counterfeiting system achieve? By embedding an RFID electronic label chip in the traditional seal, in addition to the rapid identification and management of the fake and false seals, it can also make full use of low cost and high reliability. Identification techniques and means to improve the efficiency of digital specifications and security management seal information, and to expose various incidents such as counterfeiting, fraud, etc.

With the most advanced RFID electronic tag anti-counterfeiting identification technology, a set of advanced safe, efficient and accurate seal management system is established to realize the registration, approval, engraving, quick and easy anti-counterfeiting identification and traceability management of the seal. For the social benefit level, it can eliminate the proliferation and use of fake seals, and quickly solve various types of counterfeit seal cases. From the perspective of economic efficiency, it avoids the occurrence of various types of cases related to the seal and the economic losses caused by many enterprises and individuals.


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