Tyco Introduces its New RFID Products

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At recent, Tyco has exhibited RFID solutions that provide in-store visibility and inventory information for retail stores. Tyco’s RFID products are designed to provide real-time visibility of available inventory across the entire store and supply chain for retailers.

Fitting Room Analytics and Personalized Customer Service: Due to retailers work with  retail consulting firm Garthings, RFID retail solutions help them to understand customer preferences and fitting room inventory in real time, thereby improving customer experience and increasing conversion rates. The touch screen device installed in the fitting room can display the product tried by the consumer based on the RFID tag data. Consumers can ask clerk to provide clothing of different sizes, colors and styles through the application. This RFID-based personalized experience can help retailers increase sales, improve loss management, and prevent potential damage.

RFID Inventory with TrueVUE EXPRESS: Designed for small and medium sized retailers, this cloud-based application helps retailers gain item-level visibility and helps them manage daily retail inventory operations. TrueVUE EXPRESS helps to increase sales and inventory accuracy, speed up inventory replenishment, improve customer service, and reduce stockouts.

Secure Mobile Self Checkout: An application that developed in cooperation with Tyco Garage and its partner Shopic can achieve self checkout by using self-separation RFID loss prevention tags. Consumers can purchase items on their mobile phones and easily remove security labels from self-service kiosks while checking out. The application utilizes the new RFID hard tags and an integrated retractable pin and an RFID splitter.

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