Vehicles will Pass Toll Stations in Malaysia by Free RFID Stickers

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“By early next year, RFID should be applied to local vehicles. At present, the Government is discussing with Touch ‘n Go to provide it for free to all Malaysians,” said Deputy Transport Minister, Abdul Aziz Kapraw in Parliament on April, 5.

The new cashless payment RFID system will be replacing the existing TnG physical card and cash payment at toll roads throughout the country. Drivers can pass through the toll station quickly by attaching RFID stickers to their vehicles. The aim of using RFID system is speeding up the flow of vehicles at toll stations as it enables the usage of gateless gantry toll system that eliminates the stop times that users encountered with traditional gated toll system.

You could pass through the toll station and don’t even have to slow down for the sensor to read your RFID sticker. It could potentially save a lot of time. Especially since toll plazas are always jammed gila at peak hours. However, there’s one problem that the RFID stickers will cost RM25, and expected to be valid for 5 years, on top of the RM20 road charge for vehicles coming from Singapore.

In addition to providing smoother flow, it seems that the RFID stickers will also be linked to TnG e-wallet account. This could be quite convenient to users since they are able to directly top up funds into it using TnG mobile app rather then the need to swipe credit card to achieve payment.

That being said, it is hard to say how effective the new RFID system will be though until it is being made available publicly for Malaysian drivers. The system might sound good in theory but it still depends on whether it is being implemented correctly or otherwise.

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