Vidcon Will Use RFID Technology in Next Exhibition

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Nancy   2018/01/17

Some large-scale activities began to use RFID technology, allowing guests to access some areas. At recent, VidCon will begin using this technology on June 20 to 23 at the 2018 show in the Anaheim Convention Center.

Vidcon is the largest online video conference in the world. It has been held for the seven times since it was first held in 2010. The last exhibition was held in Anaheim, California, USA. There are thousands of videos, tens of thousands of fans and other people like video podcasts, amateur creators and industry professionals. The total number of people in the activities up to 25,000. The average age of participating VidCon users is about 20 years old, representing the future content and consumption culture in the global online video market. The number of fans of well-known video famous people accounts add up to 240 million, and the number of video playing together amounts to 300 billion.

VidCon’s organizers say: “Besides the VidCon badge (as in previous years), you will need to wear VidCon wristbands (including RFID chips) for the next show to get the chance to participate.”

VidCon’s organizers also state: “When you check in, you will pick up your badge and wear a wristband while registering at the site. Your RFID wristband will be activated and matched with the information of your air ticket to register when you buy the air ticket. That means you can only handle your ticket, no one can pick up your badge or wristband for you. Besides, at the end of the online ticketing in June, please make sure the name in any ticket you bought can be matched with the name of who actually use the ticket. For example, if you are not sure which friend is using your other pass, do not leave your name on two tickets.


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