Vineland Public School Adopts RFID-based ID Card Management Plan

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Nancy   2018/03/01

After carrying out the student tracking solution of Zonar Systems Z Pass, Vineland public school located in New Jersey faces the challenge that the school will creat “one card” to be used with its new GPS bus tracking solution and the existing application of food service and library.

There are more than 11 thousand students in this area. The photoes should be printed and distribed with ID card in the class on the first day. Vineland public school send students’ photoes safely to Cl Solutions to make DIY photo ID card by themselves. FRID card will be coded for the recode of each student and enrolled back in the student database in the process of manufacturing. These cards are wrapped, sorted alphabetically and ready for the first day of school.

Cl Solutions offers their Cl RFID card register software and printer with FRID card for new students and ID cards that need to be changed. Cl system offers the ability of managing their cards for school website. At the same time, it also offers the transparency for Joseph Callavini, the district’s coordinator of registration and transportation when the card should be changed.

Cl Solutions offers custom printed lanyards with a safety breakaway for students to help protect and identify the cards. The card is placed on a lanyard that connected with a security holder to be identified visually by manager from a distance.

Joseph said: “The batch card production made it easy and our GPS student tracking data went from an accuracy level of 85% to over 98%”.

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