Volvo Cars Achieves Smart Manufacturing by Using RFID Technology

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Nancy   March 27, 2018

Now, more and more clients will choose a series of customized solutions when they buy a car. For car manufacturers, this means that many cars they produce are unique. Therefore, it is possible to identify each vehicle accurately and reliably in the production process, which is crucial for diversity in the current manufacturing management.

Volvo Cars, as a world-famous automobile manufacturer and a pioneer in the production of modern automobiles, decided to adopt RFID technology to improve the automobile production process. Volvo Cars achieve tracking vehicles in the production process such as welding, painting and final assembly through using the Confinance Days RFID labels. Confindance offers industry-standard RFID labels on the market, including products designed specifically for the automotive industry.

Based on the high quality and performance requirements of Volvo Cars, Confindance has developed powerful passive UHF RFID labels that can be used in a variety of harsh environments throughout the production process. In the production process, the vehicle body will enter the paint line after the vehicle leaves the welding shop. Then, the body goes through a corrosive electrolyte, which is then baked with a series of layers of spray paint in a high-temperature drying oven. Crucially, after passing through this series of harsh environments, performance of Conferance Days’s tag has not been effected, and it is still readable.

The Confinance Day CoronaTM label is permanently mounted on the vehicle chassis before the manufacturing process begins. This RFID label allows reliable identification at all stages of the manufacturing process. After finishing manufactured, the label will remain in the vehicle and workers need’t to collect, clean, and test used labels.

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