Walmart’s Patent for blockchain health has been approved

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Walmart, the Mega US chain, is fanatical about the blockchain, and recently the blockchain patent application, which Walmart filed last December, has been approved.The system can store a patient’s medical records in a blockchain database, which can be retrieved in an emergency when the patient cannot communicate.

The patent involves three types of equipment that can store and retrieve medical records. The first is wearable equipment, which can be used as a local storage medium for a block chain database. There is also a biometric scanner to obtain the patient’s encrypted signature and an RFID scanner that reads wearable devices.

With the use of these three devices, patient health information can be shared seamlessly with medical professionals, providing up-to-date and accurate information, especially for those who are chronically ill or who take more than one prescription.

So in an emergency, even if the patient does not respond, emergency personnel can use RFID technology to scan the patient’s wearable equipment, unlock and access to the patient’s basic medical data. The system saves time for patients to seek medical advice, and even the difference between life and death in some emergencies.

It is reported that Walmart is in the early stages of negotiations with the acquisition of health insurance company Humana, the two companies have established a wide range of relations. The partnership between the two companies will be the key to the blockchain health system.

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