Weir Launched Its Second-generation RFID Technology and App

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Weir Oil & Gas launched its second-generation SPM radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and RFID Mobile App. According to the company, RFID technology can achieve iron fleet maintenance in the field, even connecting low cellular or internet in the remote locations.

Iron fleet maintenance is a process that needs a lot of time and manpower, and easy to make mistakes. It depends on tedious manual data collection and physically storing printed certificates. This low efficiency way leads to million of dollars lost because of the inability to produce required certificates for uninterrupted operation.

Weir said, for a 900-piece fleet of iron, it usually needs three workers take three entire work days to account all the iron in the field. However, Weir’s RFID AMP technology allows to finish marking and recording 900 pieces of iron in less than one hour. Compared with outdated inventory work, it can decrease 90 percent.

Paul Coppinger, president of Weir Oil & Gas, said in a statement: “There are low cellular and Wi-Fi connection in remote locations. However, our second-generation RFID technology enables operators accurately and fast maintain an iron fleet without being effected by poor signal strength.”

The new functions of the technology include the ability to scan certificates offline for continuous work without the effect of cellular or Internet signal strength. Weir’s RFID mobile application can be used in Android and Apple devices and identify asset to support speed up test and check process by serial number. Operators can track each piece of iron at any where in real time. RFID mobile application also remove human errors involved in manually tracking iron in the field.

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