What Opportunities Does the Industrial IoT Present for Field Service?

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Nancy   2017/11/24

Nov 24, 2017-There is no doubt that Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the indusry. Because of IoT making an important affection on industrial and utility fields, from smart meters to oil and gas monitors. The managers of field service can acquire deeper insights that were not available in the past by smarter technology.

However, there are a lot of data and a bigger question: How can we deal with all this data? Because of the increasing of the number of connected devices in the field. They should make a decision that what kind of information is valuableto anlysis and make affections on decision. It is an important driving power for the next phase of growth for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The real-time alerting based on readings collected is the final set of challenges should be discussed. Maybe, IoT monitoring will face the same problems around alert fatigue as we have seen in modern IT monitoring. Technician start ignoring these alerts or being tired with much false alerts.

Data analysis and visibility for managers make important affections on the development of the IIoT. Visualization and data analysis can be categorized as either real-time or historical. There are a new set of challenges for industrial organizations by the Internet of Things has been created, however, the IioT will develop beeter with offering visibility of effective data-analysis techniques to managers.


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