Will AI Replace Jobs Done by Human in the Indian Railways?

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If you believe that artificial intelligence (AI), automation and robotics will replace jobs done by humans in India in the future, you may wonder why the Indian Railways is ready to recruit 90,000 people in what is called as the world’s largest recruitment drive.

A majority of these jobs are track gangman, maintainer, assistant and porter. The Indian Railways has received 25 million applications for 90,000 jobs totally, most of which can, and will eventually, be automated with the help of robotics and AI.

High technology can help people finish many jobs in railway. For example, the Indian Railways can monitor tracks and workers by using the Internet of Things (IoT) with multiple sensors, monitor and scan tracks to prevent faults, steal and potential derailment by using drones, and clean tracks by using automatic railway track cleaning system. The UK is already a leader with university-led initiatives in robot train maintenance.

There is no doubt that AI can bring many benefits and help Indian Railway improve productivity and efficiency. Train maintenance is usually performed in difficult working conditions and under the pressure of time. AI can help reduce human errors in complex tasks and high pressure. Besides, an automated dispatching system can observe the past decisions and results and make better decisions by AI (machine learning and deep learning). Further, robotic welding increases the life of crossing and tracks, the repair process is less than one day without block traffic. The most important thing is that robot can work day and night without rest.

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