Will Fans Enter Festivals via Facial Recognition in the Future?

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When you get to a concert or festival, the issue you want to solve is stand in line waiting to get in. Compared with the barcode, RFID technology can identify several objects at the same time, reducing queue time efficiently. However, with the rapid development of technology, is there a more convenient method to remove waiting in line in the future?

When we deal with the issue, why do we need physical tickets? If you’ve ever used the RFID bands some festivals deploy, you’ll know how much better they are than physical tickets. But what’s the step beyond that? According to a company called Blink Identity and Ticketmaster, it might be facial recognition.

With the development of machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and camera technology, people might enter a festival by showing nothing except their faces. Blink Identity claims to able to identify people “in half a second” when walking past its gear. You even don’t have to look straight at the camera, just walk on by. If this technology applies successfully, it will improve efficiency, and fans won’t waste a lot of time to line up.

How the company will figure out what you look like in the first place is still unclear. Will Ticketmaster (and its parent Live Nation) require that you enter your visage in a database of faces? And wouldn’t this mean that all concert venues would be under constant monitoring? How comfortable would you be with either prospect?

At present, there’s no information on whether the technology works as advertised or if Ticketmaster will deploy it. But they are looking at it.

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