Will RFID Technology Replace Barcode in the Future?

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Nancy   March 21, 2018

When fans gain new activities ticket of Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg in the future, they may find that the ticket loses a familiar function: barcode.

True North Sports and Entertainment, operator of the theatre, is testing new Ticketmaster system, which enable to omit barcode for theatre. The project allows theatre scan RFID ticket rather than barcode, and the information will be stored in self-service terminal, such as smart watch and phone. It may be an early trend, company can use safer RFID ticket replace the code in fans’s phones and wristband connected by Wi-Fi. With RFID ticket, they can collect data and ensure the security of clients.

Norman Shaw, an associate professor at Ryerson University, who studies the cashless society, said that a system without barcode can cut the cost by removing the operation that scanning single ticket or item. Companies prefer to adopt two kinds of technologies to replace barcode. One is radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, which can detect which items are leaving their stores. Another is near-field communication (NFC) technology, which is commonly used to parking system.

Shaw noted: “The goods of retailers are often bundled on large pallets, therefore, the goods can be hard to comb through. Such as Suncor Energy, are using RFID fobs to locate workers without forcing them to scan a barcode to enter rooms.”

Although Shaw believes the proliferation of RFID and NFC will continue, he doesn’t expect retailers to abandon the barcode because it can have outages due to most of the alternatives require clients to rely on the internet or a smart phone.

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