Will the Combination of ETC and IoT Bring the Next Investment Opportunity?

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Nancy   2017/12/13

In recent years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a slogan of identifying the home automation and planning smart city to industry. Today, IoT technology used in many projects is driving the global informatization.

ETC is one of the newest technologies based to IoT, increasing the method of sharing both information and value in the digital economy. Its smart contracts serve as a dynamic channel where value and information are automatically transmitted and a made-to-order business model for IoT and the network of payment machines is rendered. The go-global strategy based on a intuitive and flexible platform that programs smart contracts and supported by ETC for IoT takes a step towards security,  scope and decentralization.

ETC DEV team is the technology’s development panel and the team pays high attention to applying the ETC in IoT scenarios. It also introduces an IoT-friendly virtual machine with independence, universality and high efficiency. The ETC community has made a development plan for cross-chain operation to use of IoT apps better. For the increasing transaction data by IoT,  side-chain technologies and fragmentation have been designed to ensure security and improve efficiency.

Matthew Beck, sponsor of ETC Investment Trust, released a thesis by Grayscale this August. In term of the analysis and figures from Beck, ETC can be perfect for automatic transaction machines. Beck wrote, “On the one hand, the storage attribute that ETC boasts is typical of precious metals and bitcoin and makes the token a good hedge against inflation and a long-term investment instrument. On the other hand, as a digital currency that operates ETC smart contracts, this commodity in short supply can add fuel to the globalized IoT.”

The combination of IoT and ETC will increase the bar for IoT technology and drive the development of ETC. Thus, IoT technology will become safer and be decentralized and come out universally and independently. There is an advantage to ETC by combining them. It can represent the value of ETC.

The CryptoKitties-choked Ethereum blockchain has indicated the extra mile for ETH to go from flawed to flawless, although ETH apps are superior to ETC in number. Besides, IoT practice has ratcheted ETC several notches higher the ever-expanding scope of application in. The future of ETC can be predicted that a decentralized and tamper-proof public infrastructure is making.

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