WISeKey Releases Electronic Wallet with NFC Technology

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Nancy   2018/02/08

WISeKey International Holding Ltd, leading internet security and IoT solution company in Swiss announce the commercialization of WISeCoin Wallet, a kind of non-contact hardware-based wallet. The aim is to offer security and easy-to-use WISeCoin elecronic wallet for cryptocurrency users during the WISeKey Davos 2018 Blockchain, AI and Cryptocurrency Gathering.

WISeCoin electronic wallet offers non-contact visiting to its personal key for users, and allows they trade and pay with non-contact. WISeCoin electronic wallet combines Near Field Communication (NFC) technology with high sucriety solution of WISeKey semiconductors. Clients can use this wallet in WISeWallet app. When making a blockchain trade with non-contact, the trade is started by personal key from NFC hardware store area.

Although the exchanges and software wallets get hacked constantly, hardware wallets have gained popularity due to they are offering the most secure solution for payments and transaction. Through the WISeCoin Wallet, users can set up several personal keys into the secure store with using the same WISeWallet App and access these private keys when making transactions in contactless mode.

The WISeWallet App is compatible with most of the existing Blockchain technologies. It as a part of payment system of using WISeKey blockchian service technology product. To achieve a seamless cryptocurrency enabled economy, WISeCoin adds high security WISeWallet solution which supports biometrics to integarete exchange platform based on NFC non-contact payment solution.

WISeKey also develops insert WISeWallet equipped with a wireless fucation and security operation system. It can connect with any celltphone, laptops, desktops and iPad by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Although these fuaction and security are important, when the store of hardware is lose, damage or stolen, the return choice is offered for wallet. Therefore, all the backup copy of personal keys are stored in bunkers. And all the baequipped with appropriate Hardware Security Module (HSM) and advance recovery mechanism to get a consistent and reliable electronic wallet resolution.

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