World Cup 2018: FIFA will Adopt RFID Technology to Eliminate Counterfeit Tickets in Russian

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It looks impossible to use a ticket purchased from unofficial channels to enter the World Cup stadium, because of the security measures implemented by FIFA and the Russian government. Besides barcode, the FIFA will adopt radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to improve the security to prevent someone using a fake ticket to enter the stadium in this year.

The Russian government has drawn up a project that is a visa-free period during the World Cup. According to this project, fans will acquire a Fan ID to gain entry to the country 10 days before the tournament starts and 10 days after it ends. Fans must wear the ID both when entering Russia and entering a World Cup stadium and must be kept visible while inside the venue.

There are some detail information such as name, photo and passport in each fan’s ID visible, and each World Cup ticket is linked to one and also has the ticketholder’s name printed on it. Russian security officials can easily find that the name on the ticket and Fan ID whether matches each other.

Fans should pay attention to the process of checking ticket. There are twice ticket checks, once at an external perimeter and once at the entry of each stadium. According to FIFA, fans should show their tickets and IDs at an external perimeter. At the entry of a stadium, their tickets will pass through RFID system, which can identify fake or cancelled tickets to prevent fans with those tickets entering a stadium.

The risk has never been higher in purchasing tickets from a scalper or tout with two security checks and the Fan ID/ticket system. You could quite easily part with your hard-earned money and still not get to see the World Cup.

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