Worried about losing valuables? GearEye helps you solve this problem by using RFID technology

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In the case of tight time and a lot of things to bring, we will always lose something. GearEye can use RFID technology to track your items. GearEye, a small device (also in the form of a cellphone case). Just stick RFID tags on your USB, camera, and on items you are easily lose. The Gear Dongle reader can sense RFID tags and find what you’ve lost.

The concept of GearEye is to track the GearTags around it. You can use this APP to tag the content that is attached to each tag. If the item is more than 50cm from the host, the App will display it and help you locate it. One can create a list and decide which products to carry around. When you have unnecessary luggage, the APP will remind you. Think about it, if we put a label on our wallet, we won’t have to worry about losing our wallet any more.

In the past two years, bluetooth tracker has been popular at domestic and foreign, but it can only manage individual products within 10 meters. The solution for GearEye goes beyond the bluetooth tracker, which makes it easy to tag everything you want to mark. Each RFID tag is ultra-thin and can be attached to almost anything without a battery.

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