Xerafy Introduces its Metal Skin RFID Label

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Xerafy Metal Skin is a new RFID inlay for smart labelling both metallic and non-metallic assets. It can be attached to boxes, purses, or even computers, and their reading results are still satisfactory.

“The consumer electronics market is showing a demand for RFID applications, and this demand will rapidly develop in the coming years,” said Andrew Nathanson, vice president of VDC Research at AutoID Group.

In order to install RFID labels on small electronic products and components, the RFID label should be small and light enough, because the thickness of label can easily effect reading data.

The RFID solution brought by Metal Skin is fully capable of responding to many challenges in the current tracking management field. It has many features such as small size, flexible application in various shapes of assets, meeting the requirements of composite label printing technology, and full-band design. As the middleware of RFID technology, Metal Skin is a metal inlay that can be attached freely. It has the characteristics of high quality and metal/non-metal compatibility, and can also be used as a disposable label by the general consumer market. This will be an unprecedented RFID technology revolution.

For example, Metal Skin can be read and written directly on electronic devices such as iPads and laptops. It is also possible to apply other types of printed labels or two-dimensional code labels on Metal Skin to different devices. This seamless product access control method that fully integrated the internal safety management system and employee responsibility system has achieved the intelligent management of enterprise inventory in a real sense.



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