Xerafy Provides RFID Solution Used to Manage Weapons for Mexico City Police Department

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Xerafy is a leader in providing solutions by powering data through innovation to transform lives and industries. It announces that the Mexico City Police Department will deploy Xerafy Pico and Dot XS on-metal RFID tags for a weapons tracking application that will improve the security of its armouries and solve the problem with the loss of police department weapons.

There are over 34,000 officers, 15,000 banking police officers and 40,000 auxiliary police in the Mexico City Police Department. Their duty is protecting about 20 million residents in the highest crime rate city in Mexico. Mexico City Police Department manages a lot of different types of weapons, therefore, it’s important to track and protect these weapons.

RFID technology can track weapons that have been removed from the armoury in real time and offers the information of who takes them away. All the weapons and police badges are marked and tracked so that as RFID tag can connect with the related officer when the weapons are checked out of the location armoury. The Department hopes to have more abilities to protect weapons by using RFID tags. Besides, the Department can take inventory in its armouries faster and improve the efficiency of managing weapons.

RFID solution for weapons tracking has to be able to withstand shock/vibration, rough handling and remain readable for the life of the weapon. Xerafy has provided RFID tags for this application that could be permanently mounted on metal, and that was also resistant to high humidity, temperatures, chemicals, and magnetic interference. When the deployment in Mexico City is complete, the same solution will be applied in five other major municipalities in Mexico.

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