YI Tunnel Launches an AI Vending Machine

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At recent, YI Tunnel team negotiates with leading vending machine suppliers from different regions about YI Tunnel launched AI smart vending machine. Their products cover Los Angeles on the west coast, Boston on the east coast and Kansas City, Charlotte in the Midwest, which are offered to three big device suppliers around the U.S. It is predicted that the sales in the next year will reach 10,000, occupying 90 percent of American beverage  and food vending market.

YI Tunnel makes a simple change for local freezer in American, adding two cameras in each freezer in a day. While doing the change, team collects  data of product picture, mark them (all the items in freezer come from the U.S. locally) and train machine to learn. After deploying, the recognition accuracy rate of machine reaches 99 percent.

The AI smart vending machines are based on the Convolutional Neural Network algorithm. It adopts dynamic pure-vision solution to dynamically identify the behaviors of project and return it with accuracy of more than 99 percent. Clients can open the door of the vending machine by scanning the QR code on the door through the official app. Then they can take any item they want. When the door is closed, the payment is finished automatically.

The vending machine adopts “dynamic pure-vision”technology, therefore, it doesn’t need weight sensor or RFID tag to identify standard or non-standard items. Clients can take several items at once. Besides, the AI smart vending machine allows clients put the items at any place in the machine.

In addition, AI smart vending machine of YI Tunnel is equipped with powerful back end operation management platform and operation and maintenance app. You can restock freezer easily. When you put items into freezer, the machine can identify the number of items automatically. You can also check the sold item number of each machine and manage procurement, order and transfer.

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