Zara Uses RFID Technology in Its First Online Only Store

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Nancy   2018/01/29

There is first one Zara store that locates in London provides four parts, including kid’s, women’s and men’s clothing and click-and-collect in the world.

Workers in the store will carry mobile devices to help clients. Clients can receive the orders on the same day if they placed before 2pm; they also can receive the orders on the next day if they placed after 2pm. This store has a based on imformation scan mirror product system. This system can adjust several items of suitable size, when clients scan products by using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

There are two floors in the store, the ground floor without window, however, there are windows with RFID sensors in the top floor. When customers are closed to the sensors, the sensors will project pictures from current integration. There is an optical barcode reader can scan QR code or receive the PIN code when clients order online. Then it will send order to client’s e-mail that can be collectd. Behind the scenes, a robot can handle 2400 packages at the same time through a small storage.

Clients can pay by using apps on the smartphone like Inditex Group and Zara. And there is a self-checkout area to complement the regular payment.

The aims of this innovative measure operated on RFID system are saving money and redusing emissions in a revolutionary move towards a more sustainable footprint.

Pablo Isla, Chairman and CEO of Inditex says: “This means another milestone in the strategy of integrating our store and online world. RFID technology and online world define us as a business.”

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